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Grow your business with flexible space leasing

From pop up shops to markets, from roadshows to live communication - the need for flexible space is growing - fast.

Demand for flexible space leasing is growing. Fast.

How can flexible space benefit you? Discover the varied opportunities of the specialty leasing market regarding to your business.

Shopping Malls

Attract new tenants interested in short term specialty leasing and mixed use. Stay relevant by utilizing space concepts such as carts, mall kiosks, promotional areas or retail merchandising units.

Department Stores

Create fresh experience and become an area of interest for shoppers by introducing pop up events or market spaces.

Retail Media

Connect to retail agencies or marketing managers and lease your space for marketing events and ongoing shopper campaigns.


Specialty leasing is a sure way to satisfy the growing demand for all forms of markets. Local food markets, Christmas markets, stylish niche brand events are all looking for flexible spaces.


Shared space is another option of flexible leasing. Brands partner up, create complementing offers, and reinvent retail space capabilities.


Discover new revenue streams by renting out your hotel space for relevant brands and experiences.

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