Specialty Leasing Platform

Digital solution for short-term leasing

Market & rent out your short-term units with ease.

The solution for CRE professionals who want to drive revenue and efficiencies with a centralized, digital leasing process.

"Great experience, the platform is super clear and easy to manage"
Thomas Keiser
Project Lead, Oswald (Unilever)

Quick tenant screening

Receive pre-filled applications from prospective tenants that allow you to quickly decide if you want to move forward with a lead or not.

Rapid deal flows

Smart workflows and digital processes help you to close the deal as fast as possible. This leaves you with more time for prospecting.

Centralized coms

All aspects of the leasing processes are centralized in one hub - everyone is informed at all times, in real-time.

Spacewise at a glance

Most relevant features

  • Own leasing portal to drive traffic, tenant awareness and offer an e-commerce like leasing experience.
  • Marketplace option to reach an even wider audience.
  • Campaigning to tenantsĀ 
  • Quick tenant screening thanks to information-rich applications
  • Multiple leasing admin-flow options
  • Centralized hub for all aspects of the leasing process – everyone is informed in real time
  • Automated communications to team members and stakeholders

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