Success Story GNL

GNL goes pop-up

Just one week to set up a pop-up store in the heart of Zurich. That was the time frame for the Swiss footwear brand. By being open to online booking platforms, they were able to secure a space quickly and the event turned out beautifully.

Walking the path of customer excitement

Being accessible is a must for the Swiss sustainable footwear brand. Having live communication with their customers is one of their best strategies to showcase and sell the smartest shoe in the world.

Opportunities created:

Creates Visibility

Great way to present GNL and its motto through having stronger, more engaging physical exposure to its market.

Physical Space in a Prime Location

Create opportunities for GNL to be discovered by new customers.

Location Testing

Gain experience and see if the location would be suitable for a Flagship store.

The pop-up store is located in Limmatquai 138, Zurich, from October 11, 2021 – Present.

“We are a Zurich brand. Our mission is definitely to create some awareness in Zurich for the first time and that’s why it was logical for us to do the first pop-up store in Zurich.”

Eric Braunschweiler, CEO & Founder of GNL

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