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How brands use short-term spaces

What brands are using short-term spaces and how do they use them?

Short-term leases are not a new idea, but what is new – is how brands are using them. Temporary leases (or pop-ups) have come a long way from their market stall origins. It’s not only small businesses and digital natives … Read More

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Ancillary revenue

How can ancillary revenues benefit retail real estate?

Are you maximizing your ancillary revenue opportunities? If not… You should be. Ancillary revenue streams are in all sales and service-based industries. The benefit is clear – they boost turn over. But they also create a better experience for customers. … Read More

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How can we make empty office spaces bounce back?

You are likely aware of the issues facing office real estate right now. Office spaces are standing empty. JLL’s most recent report states that office vacancy rates in the USA rose to a staggering 18.9% in the last quarter of … Read More

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Why do you need specialty leasing software?

You’ve managed to work so long without specialty leasing software, why fix what isn’t broken? The commercial real estate industry is slow at adopting new technology, but this is changing. The thirst for technology stems from significant shifts taking place … Read More

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How do you establish an online presence in your local market?

The speed to which almost all industries have digitized since 2019 was completely unprecedented. Pre 2019 many businesses didn’t consider digitization to be of high priority. Fast forward to now, and the percentage of digital offerings from companies have drastically … Read More

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Are you where your retail tenants are? – Uncovering tenant needs

Do you know where your tenants are? What their challenges are? Most customers (66% of them to be specific) want businesses to understand where they are. Customers are craving to have their voices heard. For commercial real estate (CRE) to … Read More

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Photo by Johannes Plenio - Unsplash

Partners in Innovation – Why real estate and retail need to innovate together

Do you know why innovation is the key to business growth? Because your customer’s needs are constantly changing. In every industry today, there has been a cosmic shift in the balance of what’s considered important, the commercial real estate (CRE) … Read More

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property management, good imagery

Property management through the camera lens: how quality photos can benefit your space

Today we can say it safely: digital is the new normal. Technology has revolutionized the world of property management in the retail servicescape, connecting landlords to a wide spectrum of brands while streamlining the entire process. While such technology has … Read More

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flexible space and property management

The future of property management: top 3 reasons to employ flexible space

One cannot overemphasise the significance of new operating models in the dynamic world of retail space. The trends are shifting: the concept of anchor tenants is challenged, new tenants are often looking for flexible space solutions, and customers tend to … Read More

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